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Five Three and Rising


Image of Five Three and Rising

From instructions on what to do When You Randomly Run into Your Ex..., to her audacious yet poignantly poetic rant about her rude neighbors in Apartment #2, Nikki Blak shares some of her most rambunctious and inventive prose and poems to date. The complete work is a colorful read, made more vivid by a verbal persistence and agility rarely seen in literary form. Each individual piece in this collection of short stories, poems, essays, rants, and observations serves as a head nod, an eye roll, a finger snap that affirms, corrects, and reawakens the reader, acquainting them further with Nikki and the characters that surround her. The title, Five Three & Rising may reference the short stature in which she physically stands, however Nikki’s command of language, verse, and rhyme will leave her audience mesmerized and in want, wondering if the five foot three inch tall young lady that wrote these words isn’t a lot bigger than she claims.